Read on about what our customers are saying about us.  You too, can change and lead a more active and healthier lifestyle through natural drug-free magnesium formulations!

"Has been using this product for about a week, This cream is very relaxing and healing. Applying it before sleep and notice that my sleep habit improves alot with better deep sleep hours and feeling more fresh the next morning. Excellent product."

~Tan T.

"Tried the recovery cream when i had muscle aches. The pain goes away fast and efficient. Say goodbyes to all the salonpas i have used previously.

Always have problems sleeping through the night, tested and proven the night cream worked it’s miracle on me. 2 big thumbs up!"

~Michelle Enen

"I was introduced to magnesium creams from Australian friends who swear by it. Glad to see that I can now finally buy it in Singapore! This cream is great and has helped with my aches and pains from sports."


"I had knee pain and couldn’t bend my knee but after applying one time, towards the end of the day, I could feel that my pain was relieved and I could bend my knee at the end of the day. Works like a charm!"

~Basil Ng

"My lovely wife bought me the Active Cream which really comes in handy with my daily intense workout regime.

Looking forward to try the Recovery Cream.

She got herself the Night Cream which helped her to sleep so much better at night especially on days when she's having interrupted sleep during stressful days."

~Aloysius M L Ang

"Tried the Active Cream and Active Spray, and both work like a dream. First heard about the benefits of magnesium from my Australian friends and am glad I swallowed my scepticism and bought the creams. Worked on a perpetual ache in my lower back, my right arm and my knees! Now it's one of the most-have creams when I travel! Next up, I'm gonna try the Night Cream!"

~Caren Lee

"Am absolutely loving the Night Cream. Used to have restless night sleeps but not anymore. Thank you so much!"

~Cynthia Bella