Johnson Family


Affectionately known as Singapore's Strongest Family, the Johnson's have been Ambassadors of Essential Magnesium since 2018.

Father Andrew Johnson (AJ) is a Strongman Masters Athlete & Coach. He is also a cookbook author, and Chef who runs corporate & children's cooking classes.

Mother Barbara Chng is Singapore's first Women's U62.5kg Strongman World Champion, and one of the most sought after strength and conditioning personal trainers who works at UNREAL Personal Training.  She lifted her personal best of 260kg at the recent Asia Pacific Deadlift Competition 2019. 

Twins Brad & Ariel became the first and youngest competitive athletes in South East Asia when they competed in the 2018 Asia Pacific Deadlift Championships at age 7.


Marie Choo

Marie Choo is a retired PR professional who used to work in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle industry. She is now mainly known for her work as The Dog Alchemist, a dog behaviourist and trainer who rehabilitates dogs, as well as an avid runner who runs marathons and ultra trails to raise awareness and funds for the rescue dogs in Singapore.

Not everyone knows about the existence of dog shelters in Singapore and the plight of rescue dogs. There are 2 types of rescue dogs – strays and abandoned pet dogs. When urbanisation takes place, these stray dogs are forced out of their habitats into our territories. Not everyone can tolerate their presence and they usually end up being caught and culled by AVA, unless dog welfare groups bail them out and give them a safe haven. The shelters also house those pet dogs that are abused or abandoned by their owners once the novelty wears off.  That's why Marie is so passionate about this cause as she is also a dog lover/owner of 2 beautiful Shetlands. 

Marie has been using Essential Magnesium's products as part of her recovery process since 2018.


Taufiq Strongman

Being the inaugural champion in Singapore’s Strong Man in 2005 and has placed in top 5 positions to present day, Taufiq was also crowned Champion in Sabah’s Strongest Man consecutively in 2011 and 2012. In 2013 he also represented Singapore in one of the world’s elite strongman competitions, Strongman Champions League Grand Finals and managed to finish as Asia’s 2nd ranked strongman athlete!

He has been active giving back to the Strongman scene in Singapore successfully organizing and running Singapore Strongman Classic 2014 in July. Currently, Taufiq is the driving force behind the growth of the sport of strongman in within the region locally as the Technical Director of Singapore Strongman Series running local novice and amateur level competitions since 2014 to present day and serving pro-bono on various committees as Technical Directors for strongman competitions in Brunei, Malaysia and Philippines. 

However, Taufiq is not all brawn or just an athlete but is also an academic, educator and scholar. Having graduated with a post graduate, Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology specializing in Family and Youth Work, he has been working in social services and education industry since 2003 to present day. Working closely with children, youths-at-risk and their families in preventive and rehabilitative programs, in schools, family and clinical settings. Taufiq has also serves and works closely with ministries and government bodies in social services industry. Currently reading for his Ph.D in Family Ecology and Youths Studies studying on fathering and adolescent behaviour.

Taufiq uses Essential Magnesium products which helps with his strengthening and recovery of his muscles as well as getting a good night's sleep.


Yvonne Chee

A Team Singapore marathoner, Yvonne started proper training for marathons in September 2016 after becoming a mum. Since then she's represented Singapore for marathons, gave birth to her second daughter in end-2017 and clinched 4th Singaporean lady at the 2018 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon around 12+ months post-partum. Yvonne firmly believes in working hard, giving her all to push her limits and chasing her dreams. She hopes to inspire ladies, including mothers out there, to stay healthy, keep fit and most importantly to believe in the beauty of their dreams and to work hard to get there. 

Yvonne is also the youngest and third Singaporean to accomplish the feat of running a marathon on all 7 continents in 2013. She did this while raising close to S$30,000 for the elderly in honour of her late grandmother.

Yvonne's family (her hubby Pierre, two daughters, Eva (1 year old) and Lea (3 years old) and her brother Evan (who's also a national marathoner) is her support network and keeps her going!

Yvonne has been using Essential Magnesium products since 2018 to help in her post-run recovery.