For Muscles & Joint Health

Did you know that magnesium is an essential building block of hundreds of chemical processes in your body, especially your muscles’ ability to contract and relax? If your body isn’t getting enough magnesium, it can lead to low energy, poor muscle function, muscle cramps and spasms, and pain and inflammation.

If you’re an active person, for example, someone who engages in high-intensity sports or exercise, or who constantly uses your muscles in your job, then you’re burning through your magnesium faster than the average sedentary person, and you need to replenish your magnesium levels to avoid magnesium deficiency!

Thankfully magnesium is best absorbed via our skin, making our Active Range creams and sprays ideal for fast and effective relief for your muscles and joints, helping you stay active for longer. Whether it’s pre-workout or to extend your session, simply apply the Active Cream or spray on the Active Spray directly to your muscles and joints for targeted relief.

Our Active Range contains an excellent quality blend of carefully chosen ingredients including magnesium, MSM, arnica montana, rosemary, eucalyptus and juniper, which work together to target muscle and joint pain and inflammation fast. For added restoration and detoxification, introduce our Essential Magnesium Bath Flakes into your daily routine to counter tired and overworked muscles and aching feet.