For Kids

Children are one of life’s greatest blessings, so we certainly don’t want to see them go through those pesky growing pains, especially when it happens in the night and causes cramping, making it really tough for them to fall asleep.

What your little ones need is a little love, in the form of a relaxing bath before bedtime. Simply run a warm bath and add in some Lucas Special Bath Rocks. The pure magnesium chloride bath flakes infused with soothing aloe vera work their magic to calm and relax your child while supporting healthy muscle and joint development towards a peaceful night’s sleep.

Nothing says love more than a loving massage, so apply some Lucas Magnesium Cream 4 Kids or easily spray Lucas Magnesium Spray 4 Kids on to the soles of their feet or legs, and massage it in. Magnesium is actually best absorbed via our skin, so you, too, can rest easy knowing your children are getting the magnesium they need for optimum rest and recovery that’ll have them raring to go the next day!