For Headaches & Migraines (as Daily Supplement)

Magnesium is essential for our body’s general health and well-being, just as much or even more so than calcium. In fact, it is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions, all necessary for our optimum health. Thankfully, magnesium is best absorbed via our skin, making it easy to include it as a daily supplement.

Our Day range creams and sprays are specially formulated with a natural blend of ingredients that are quickly absorbed, increase your magnesium levels, boost your cellular health, and promote healthy muscle relaxation. They also have added benefits – they can improve your complexion, fade skin blemishes, and completely moisturise your skin. For headaches and migraines, simply apply the cream or spray to your temples and back of your neck.

Give your body the rest and relaxation it needs for good health and a boost of energy with pure Magnesium Bath Flakes in a bath or foot soak. With these natural products in our Day range, your body will thank you for the relief it feels, whether it’s from restless legs, stress migraines or back aches.