Sleep well with a Magnesium-rich wind-down routine

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If you think about it, humans sleep a third of their lives. And sleep is important because that’s when all the good stuff happens within us. While we snooze, our brain is actually processing and consolidating everything we’ve taken in during the day, while our body is busy restoring and strengthening itself.

To wake up alert, refreshed and ready to take on the day requires us to have a restful, deep sleep. And if you’re having difficulties falling asleep at night, whether it’s because of stress, restlessness, night-time cramps, or even just constantly waking up, there are natural sleeping aids that can help you that don’t actually involve you counting sheep!

A natural wind-down routine before you go to bed is actually a really good way to sort of “trick” your body into falling asleep quickly and more reliably. Here are two activities that are integral to any wind-down routine.

1. Take a hot bath

Soaking yourself in warm water two hours before bed increases your temperature, so that when your body temperature naturally dips in the night, it relaxes you and puts you in a deeper sleep. Using Essential Magnesium Bath Flakes in your bath helps even more to detoxify your body and nudge you further towards restorative sleep. If you come home from work with tired, overworked muscles and aching feet, these magnesium bath flakes in a foot bath really kick in to relax your muscles and ease you into a calmer mode.

2. Massage


Massage has been beneficial to our relaxation and well-being over the centuries and across different cultures. Research has shown that massage therapy can indeed improve sleep, whether in infants, children, adults or the elderly alike. It also aids the release of serotonin, which is the body’s natural production of anti-pain chemicals. While you can’t exactly employ a masseuse to give you a full-body massage every night before going to bed, giving yourself a massage is also very beneficial.

The Essential Magnesium Night Cream and Essential Magnesium Night Spray are perfect for self-massage, wherever you feel your body needs it most. It contains magnesium to help relax your brain and nervous system, and assist with restless legs and night time cramps. It might sound like an old wives’ table, but researchers have found that aromatherapy used in a massage does in fact make it more effective. These natural sleeping aids are blended with natural lavender essential oil which helps alleviate anxiety and sleep disturbance, allowing you to enjoy a deeper and fuller sleep. Not only that, but they also utilise extra calming sweet marjoram and the very popular pain-reducer arnica montana.

So the next time you find yourself tossing and turning, look no further than Essential Magnesium products which are all-natural drug-free formulations and 100% natural ingredients scientifically combined to help you gain more restful zzzzzzzz’s!

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