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Everyone enjoys a holiday, whether you are young or old.  As a family of three generations staying together, we like to go for our holidays together, many a times.  This time, we went back again to one of our favourite destinations, Perth, Western Australia.  Perth has been a popular holiday destination for many Singaporeans due to the ease of self-driving, family-oriented places of interests and of course, the endless food and wine options available.  

There were 6 adults and 2 kids, youngest was less than 3 years old while the oldest in the travelling gang was 75, and that is my mother-in-law.  Her name is Jenny and she has been one of the healthiest old folks around.  Other than hypertension and a little on the plump side, she has no other major illness.  She loves going for holidays but in recent years has cut down her trips as she has been helping us take care of our 3 and 5 year old girls. 

We just had our fish and chips at the Fremantle Fishing Harbour and walking towards the popular Fremantle Markets where we were looking forward to the activities happening that weekend.  As we walked, we realised Jenny was walking slower and slower and the distance between she and us got wider and wider.  She was having pain in her knee which resulted in difficulty walking.  This wouldn't bode well for all of us as we were just in the middle of our 2 weeks holiday.  If Jenny can't walk well, we would not enjoy the holiday at all.  

With much struggle, we reached Fremantle Markets and started looking around.  That's when my sister-in-law saw this stall with the words 'Natural Pain Relief' on a banner and flyers.  She then remembered that her Australian friends in Hong Kong where she is based, use magnesium oil to sooth their tired muscles and pain after exercising.  We decided to get a bottle of magnesium cream for Jenny to try.  

Jenny applied the magnesium cream once we got back to our Airbnb accomodation and she said she felt the pain lessened after 15-20 mins.  We told her to continue applying it the next few days.  On the third day after she started applying the magnesium cream, she felt a whole lot better and that the pain in her knee seemed to have gone away.  She could keep up with us while we continued our journey.

We were just happy that we could continue our holiday with Jenny feeling a lot better and we just wanted her to enjoy the time with us while she can, especially with her grandchildren.  

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